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About Chris

Chris List - Author of the Hero's Journal

Chris List is the Founder of The Story Method Company and author of the Hero's Journal, a daily-guided journal for reaching your #1 goal in 90 days. Launching several successful business ventures including an independent film studio called Mayview Studios which produced the quickest funded digital series on Kickstarter in just 22 days.

Chris is also co-founder and host of the 5 O'Clock Hustle Podcast-an entrepreneurial podcast interviewing industry leaders, best-selling authors, and other high achieving individuals to help people, working 9 to 5 jobs, follow their passions and start their own businesses.

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Your Hero's Journal is a Daily-Guided Journal that will help you reach your greatest goals by...

  • Discover 6 main stages that every goal-journey goes through and how you can use them to create a roadmap to success
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    Learn how you can leverage your strengths and even your weaknesses to accomplish more, faster.
  • Find out if your are setting the right goals with a simple 5 step framework
  • Build a network of mentors and allies to help you stop procrastinating and give you the tools, knowledge and motivation you need to reach your #1 goal.
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    and MUCH, much more...

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